MWDBE/ SDVOB COVID-19 Toolkit and Business Resource Guide

2 Preparedness and Perseverance Working Towards the Future We Will Get Through This Together A decade has passed since the inception of the MTAs’ Small Business Development Program (SBDP), and other business assistance programs including, small business loan, surety bonding and construction/business development training. In addition, the MTA has the highest “Discretionary Threshold” level within the State of New York and procurement opportunities are being provided in the Architecture/Engineering, Commodities, Information Technology and Legal Services Sectors. These innovative initiatives have resulted in more than $5 billion dollars being paid to New York State certified Minority, Woman-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), MTA certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), and NYS Office of General Services’ certified Service Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprises (SDVOB) during the past decade. As we are several weeks into this health crisis, the residents of the State of New York are being tested on both a personal and economic level. We continue to encourage certified MWDBEs to hold their heads high, prepare and persevere for post crisis. It is our objective to closely monitor the situation and help your business navigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The MTA’s MWDBE/SDVOB COVID-19 Toolkit and Business Resource Guide contains important information and the tools to help your firm in moving forward. This guide features MTA jobsite and safety protocols, guidance on Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order regarding essential construction, CAREs Act, paid leave, insurance, and employment. The Executive Leadership Team at the MTA, including Chairman Pat Foye, MTA Chief Safety Officer, Pat Warren, the MTA Operating Agency Presidents, Diversity Chairperson Rhonda Herman, the Department of Diversity & Civil Rights and the Diversity Committee are all committed to your growth and development. Working towards the future –– we will get through this together. Please contact me or a member of my staff directly for any and all MWDBE/SDVOB related issues at Michael J. Garner, MBA MTA Chief Diversity Officer Metropolitan Transportation Authority Note: *The information here is up-dated as of May 1, 2020 **The information provided in this publication is for informational purposes only. Please consult your attorney and other consultants for additional information and clarification. MWDBE | SDVOB COVID-19 Toolkit and Business Resource Guide